Department of State Development

Developing higher-value forestry products is the key to creating a sustainable future for the forestry industry.

A new study into developing more sustainable and higher-value products from the Limestone Coast’s forestry resources will be undertaken by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland with project support from the Department of State Development.

The Cellulose (tree) Fibre Study involves working with local industry to identify short, medium and longer term sustainable and achievable market opportunities.

The study is a key initiative of the State Government’s Manufacturing Works strategy, and is also one of the key actions identified in the Limestone Coast Economic Diversification report.

The Commonwealth Government has provided $250,000 GST inclusive in funding to assist with the study.

The VTT is the world leader in translating cellulose fibre opportunity research into tangible business opportunities. It is globally connected to major international cellulose fibre players and investors.

VTT released the results from Stage 1 of the study during a community event in Mount Gambier on 5 March. Download a copy of the Stage 1 report below.

Resources and downloads

Stage 1: Cellulosic Value Chain Technology Roadmap
Download PDF | 3MB
Stage 2: Strategic technology roadmaps, business cases and policy recommendations
Download PDF | 2MB
Stage 2: Appendices
Download PDF | 3MB

Presentations 2012/2013

VTT: Cellulose Fibre Value Chain Study, October 2013
Download PDF | 1.6MB
Professor Örjan Sölvell: Constructing clusters, October 2013
Download PDF | 2.4MB
Matt Williams: How to get your firms and your region to perform better in the global competition
Download PDF | 11.8MB
John Kettle, VTT: Cellulose Fibre Value Chain Study, March 2013
Download PDF | 857KB
Göran Roos: Cellulose Fibre Value Chain Study, December 2012
Download PDF | 4.66MB
John Kettle, VTT: Cellulose Fibre Value Chain Study, December 2012
Download PDF | 4.1MB