Department of State Development

The Resources Infrastructure Task Force (RIT) works with mining proponents, communities and government to plan infrastructure to support South Australia’s world-class resources sector.

Its collaboration with mining companies, Australian, State and local governments, and communities aims to ensure rail, ports, roads, power and water infrastructure is in place to support resources projects and their contribution to economic growth.

New transport, electricity and water corridors are needed so mining projects – particularly iron ore projects – can operate cost-effectively and to connect the projects with resource-hungry overseas markets.

What is the RIT?

The RIT works with the mining industry, infrastructure providers and across government to identify and plan for infrastructure investment necessary to realise the potential of South Australia’s mining sector.

It engages with the resources sector and across government to assess the infrastructure proposals and priorities outlined in the Regional Mining and Infrastructure Plan (RMIP).

The RMIP details infrastructure options to support a sector forecast to inject an estimated $22.5 billion into the state’s economy by 2032.

The South Australian Government’s recognition of mining’s significance to state prosperity is reflected in the sector’s emphasis in:

  • its 10 economic priorities - Priority 1. Unlocking the full potential of South Australia's resources, energy and renewable assets
  • the government’s seven strategic priorities - Priority 6. Realising the benefits of the mining boom for all

Many of the mining projects are and will be in South Australia’s regions – so the infrastructure to support them will also generate business and create jobs across regional economies.

Who we are

The RIT is a group of government and business leaders focused on identifying and prioritising those infrastructure projects necessary to support South Australia’s mining sector in the long term and to maximise the benefits for communities across the state.

With a steering committee led by Olympic Dam Task Force Chair Bruce Carter, Olympic Dam Taskforce Chief Executive Paul Heithersay, and Mark Elford, Executive Director, Economic Development, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, the RIT includes expertise in mining, transport, infrastructure, land-use planning and community engagement.

Contact the RIT: +61 4 8 8303 2298

Steering committee members

Bruce Carter (Chair)
Chair, Olympic Dam Task Force

Paul Heithersay
Deputy Chief Executive, Department of State Development
Chief Executive, Olympic Dam Task Force

Mark Elford
Executive Director, Economic Development
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Tino Guglielmo
Resources Industry Consultant

David Garrard
Board Member, Economic Development Board

David Thomas
Mining Industry Consultant