Department of State Development

A 12-month work program has been developed to guide the RIT’s key objective confirming the preferred commercial solution/s for bulk mineral export infrastructure on the Spencer Gulf.

The work program is broken into three workstreams, each with a key focus area:

Stakeholder engagement

  • work with key mining industry and infrastructure companies with project proposals to confirm plans, infrastructure demands and timelines
  • identify potential scenarios for collaboration in use of infrastructure
  • provide information to local government and community on progress of the RIT.


  • refine multi user access models for infrastructure
  • refine land use / access and tenure models for infrastructure
  • review regional resource sector demands for water, power and transport for proposals.


  • model multi user infrastructure scenarios for commercial resource projects
  • determine priorities for regional infrastructure development and potential clustering solutions for resource projects
  • identify options for industry and government consideration.


Magnetite Strategy

The project is the creation of a joint industry / government Magnetite Strategy for South Australia to achieve the approximate $10 billion of committed investment by 2022 for major magnetite mining projects and to achieve an export target of 50 million tonnes of magnetite product by 2030.

Road and Rail Infrastructure Project

The project scope covers the identification of solutions for the facilitation of provision of functional and sufficient road and rail supply chain infrastructure in South Australia to meet forecast demand from the resources sector.  The project considers the requirements of aggregated use of supply chain infrastructure across other economic sectors including agricultural grain export.

Electricity Capacity Development and Pricing Solutions

Identification and facilitation of energy (electricity) infrastructure and network solutions for three regions’ electricity capacity development to meet resource sector demand.  The solutions include aggregated regional network capacity development and analysis of regional demand trends.

The project provides an assistance role to the Department of State Development in its activities and plans for the development of stable competitive and carbon-constrained power to supply the state electricity network.

Threshold Criteria

The project is to investigate and develop a functional model for threshold criteria to be used by government, triggering assessment of the provision of non-financial or financial intervention and options in adding value to resource sector projects through the project development cycle.  The interventions will provide efficiencies for all resource sector projects feasibility studies and supply chain infrastructure.

Water for Resources

The project covers the identification and investigation of potable and non-potable water resources and capacity assessment for the three identified RIT regions against priorities in resources projects development timing.  The project is developing a 3 year program of investigation priorities leading to funding further mapping of the state’s water resources, including a common platform for public access of data and regional information.

Third Party Access to Infrastructure

The project scope spans the Identification of models and frameworks for multi user third party access to supply chain infrastructure from mine to port, for road, rail, power, water, slurry pipelines and ports.