Department of State Development


The South Australian Government looks to the Resources Infrastructure Task Force (RIT) to capitalise on South Australia's fast approval process, including identifying commerically viable ports that can consolidate social and environmental impacts and allow all users to access cost-effective shipping solutions.

The RIT is pursuing the development of multi-user, high-capacity ports in the Spencer Gulf, in partnership with industry,by:

  • developing a framework to establish multi-user ports that serve the consolidated regional needs of mining as identified in RMIP
  • identifying commercially viable proposals from the private sector that are consistent with the framework for the development of ports (and other infrastructure).

Target timelines for high-capacity port developments to serve the Eyre and Western region and the Yorke and Mid-North/ Braemar region are 2018 and 2019 respectively. The RIT is working to ensure investors’ needs are addressed in the meantime.